Kobold Variant: Kovakiins

Written by Matt Hoffman.

Kovakiins are crazed kobolds who have somehow picked up the idea that the kobold race has an unrealized destiny as the spawn of dragons. These kobolds are a bizarre, cult-like presence that survives on the fringes of kobold culture. Most kobolds hope that the kovakiins will eventually all die off and go away as expediently as possible.

Kobolds are small humanoids. They have a +2 AC vs. Opportunity attacks due to their size.

Racial Power: Kobold "Breath"
Once per battle, you can make a "breath weapon" attack as a quick action against a single close-range enemy. The attack is against PD, and uses your highest ability score bonus. Since kobolds are not related to dragons in any way, this is not a natural ability: it involves quickly quaffing a special vomit-inducing elemental potion, and letting alchemy and biology take their course. With your "breath weapon," you deal 1d4 damage per level (of an elemental type of your choice), and you must describe for the table what your character ate for its last meal.

Champion Feat: Your "breath weapon" can now hit 1d3 enemies within close range. After the battle's over, you will be very hungry, and your mouth will taste absolutely awful.

*Notes: This is a racial variant I used in designing a kobolds-only campaign. The core kobold race of the campaign very closely resembled the version available here by Wade Rockett and ASH Law, except that it has my additional kobold racial power "Not Related To Dragons In Any Way" added on. Kovakiins use the same ability adjustments (+2 to either Int or Dex), have Kobold Sobriquets and can pick up the "Set Trap" feats, but they have their Kobold "Breath" power in place of Nifty Footwork.

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