Kobold (optional racial power)

Written by Matt Hoffman.

There are several different versions of the playable Kobold race floating around out there. If you're like me, and prefer your Kobolds with a flavor that predates all of the "related to dragons" nonsense, then this optional supplemental racial power can easily be appended to the playable Kobold of your choice:

Racial Power: Not Related to Dragons in Any Way

Kobolds are goblinoids, not reptiles. They are not related to dragons or lizards in any way, shape or form. If anyone at the gaming table ever refers to you or any other kobold as being either a reptile or "draconic," they take a penalty to their next roll equal to your level. (this is cumulative if there are multiple Kobold PCs in the game)

            Champion Feat: You now speak Draconic. If you are able to use this ability to trick someone into thinking that you are related to dragons in some way, they are Vulnerable to you for the rest of the encounter. Incidentally, you can also speak Trollish.

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