Kobold Variant: Urd Kobold

Written by Matt Hoffman.

Urds are kobolds with stunted bat-like wings sprouting from their backs. They sometimes regard themselves as superior to other kobolds, and as a result are usually even more hated because of their (mostly undeserved) haughtiness.

Urd Kobolds are small humanoids, and get a +2 AC vs. opportunity attacks due to their size.

Racial Power: Limited Flight
One battle per day, you gain flight as a move action. You must land at the end of your turn, or else you fall and take impromptu damage (according to tier).

Champion Feat: You also gain Limited Flight while the escalation die is 4+, but lose it at the end of your turn in the round when the escalation die can no longer advance.

*Notes: This is a racial variant I used in designing a kobolds-only campaign. The core kobold race of the campaign very closely resembled the version available here by Wade Rockett and ASH Law, except that it has my additional kobold racial power "Not Related To Dragons In Any Way" added on. Urd Kobolds use the same ability adjustments (+2 to either Int or Dex), have Kobold Sobriquets and can pick up the "Set Trap" feats, but they have their Limited Flight power in place of Nifty Footwork.

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