Written by Aaron R.

Genasi / Elementborn
+2 Con or matched to your selection of elemental soul

The raw magical energy that flows throughout the world flows through the veins of the Elementaltouched.  The souls of these individuals are tied to a particular elemental aspect, manifesting it in physical appearance and possibly in behavior.  How the elements have come to affect the Elementalborn varies between each individual, but the specific elemental tends to manifest over time in unique and interesting ways.  Discuss with your GM how popular the Elementalborn are in your world. 

Genasi Champion Feat: Gain an additional elemental manifestation racial power.  You can interpret how this represents your appearance and behavior.

Firesoul (Racial Power) +2 Cha
Once per battle, as an immediate reaction after being hit by a melee attack, make an attack against every nearby engaged enemy using your highest ability score against their PD.  On a hit, the attack deals 1d4 fire damage per level to each enemy you hit.  
Champion Feat: You deal 1d8 per level versus the attacker.

Earthsoul (Racial Power) +2 Str
Once per battle, as a quick action, you can gain a +2 bonus to your PD until the start of your next turn and can make a saving throw against each effect that is on you.
Champion Feat: You also gain the bonus to your AC and cannot be moved until you want to move.  You can use this ability even if you are stunned.

Windsoul (Racial Power) +2 Dex
Once per battle, as a move action, you may immediately make a disengage roll from all enemies and you gain flight until the end of your turn.
Champion Feat: You instead gain flight until the end of your next turn.

Watersoul (Racial Power)  +2 Wis
Once per battle, as a move action, you can move and ignore interception attempts against you and take half damage from opportunity attacks against you.  You can knock over one target that you move next to with a mighty wave, causing it to be stuck until the end of its next turn.
Champion Feat: You can knock over all enemies that you move next to.

Cindersoul (Racial Power) +2 Str
Once per battle, when you are hit by an attack, reduce the damage you would take equal to 2x the level of the attacker.  In champion tier, you take 4x attacker's level in damage.  In epic tier, you take 6x attacker's level in damage.
Champion Feat: Reduce the damage equal to level in adventure tier, twice level in champion tier, and triple level in champion teier.

Embersoul (Racial Power) +2 Dex
Once per battle, as a quick action, dissapear into a cloud of ash.  You cannot be targeted by attacks or abilities from ally and enemy alike and you cannot make any opportunity attacks.  Nearby enemies are dazed until the start of your next turn.  At the start of your next turn, you return in a nearby location.
Champion Feat: When you dissapear, all nearby enemies that start your turn in the cloud of ash take 5x level fire damage.

Voidsoul (Racial Power) +2 Int
Once per battle, when you would fail a saving throw, apply the effect to a nearby enemy as well.
Champion Feat: You can use this twice per battle.

Sunsoul (Racial Power) +2 Wis
Once per battle, when you healing using a recovery, you can daze all enemies engaged with you.
Champion Feat: You can now use this twice per battle.


Created by Ben Roby and Aaron "WolfSamurai". Originally posted here on Google+

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