Written by Nolds.

This seldom-seen race was actually driven underground centuries ago in a previous age.  Their appearance and rarity causes other sentient races to mistake them for beasts; however the potential for a civilized Ratfolk society is strong if they are only given a chance to acclimate to this new age.  As more and more Ratfolk make their way from the deeply buried warrens they used to call home, they will have to find their place in the 13th Age, for better or worse.

Bonus: +2 Dex or Wis


Racial Power - Tail Whip (1/battle): After making a successful melee, ranged, or spell attack, you may attampt an additional melee attack against an engaged enemy as a quick action.  This attack must be made against a different enemy that you are engaged with.

Hit: Lvd4 + Str dmg

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