Written by Will.

Minotaur - by Wade Rockett and approved by Rob Heinsoo

+2 Str OR +2 Con

Racial Power:

Blood Frenzy: At-will - Sacrifice 1d6 hit points to gain a +4 melee attack bonus for a single attack against a staggered enemy.


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  • Guest - Dedhed

    Except for gnomes and warforged, I've noticed that all rulebook races have the two stats come from different stat pairs (Str/Con, Dex/int, Wis/cha), might be something to think about, but it seems ok.

    The problem with this power is that the sacrifice of 1d6 hp will become more trivial as the character levels, but the +4 to attack never will. This problem is made worse by the fact that its an at-will. The staggered target is a good limitation but isn't enough.

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