Written by Andrew.

+2 Constitution or +2 Dexterity

Blood Frenzy (Racial Power)
The first time you become Staggered during a battle, you may spend a Recovery to gain a bonus to your attacks and AC equal to the escalation die. At the end of each of your turns, you must make a save to continue the effect. If you fail the save, your attacks and AC drop by a value equal to the escalation die for one turn.
Champion Feat: The bonus (and then penalty) is equal to your Constitution bonus or the Escalation die, whichever is higher.

Those who live on land have little idea what happens in the vast deep oceans of the world. But it seems to be dominated by the race known as the Sahugin. Strange fish-people with large back frills, webbed fingers and toes and mouths filled with razor sharp teeth. Fully amphibious, the Sahugin can live on land if they choose, but they are really at home in the oceans.

The Sahugin don’t appear to be a particularly intelligent race. Although they somehow craft their trademark tridents as well as jewelry and occasional a helmet or a breast plate from coral or shells, there is no evidence that they can craft or construct much at all. Despite dominating an area larger than the Dragon Empire itself, they seem not to have advanced beyond the Neolithic period. Perhaps this is why the Emperor was able to drive them out of the Midland Sea. To say that Sahugin don’t get along with land-dwelling races is an understatement. Virtually any encounter with Sahugin on the surface is only with warriors of the race who often foolishly believe their small hunting parties can wipe out all the races on land. Although it is not inconceivable that somewhere some fishermen have managed to come to some sort of mutually beneficial trade agreement with a group of Sahugin somewhere,  as a general rule Sahugin hate everyone.

It would take a rather extraordinary circumstance for there to be a Sahugin adventurer. Typical armor and weapons are just not made for Sahugin bodies, no Sahugin wants to wander far from a body of water because their bodies dry out quickly and any Sahugin who made friends with land-dwellers would likely be branded a traitor by his own people who would seek to kill him and would be killed on sight by virtually all land-dwellers. The relationship between this character and the others would have to be handled very carefully and the campaign would likely need to revolve around the sea.

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