Written by Tim Baker.


+2 Str OR +2 Con

Stone Skin (Racial Power)

Once per battle, as a free action, gain resist 12+ to all damage.  If you didn't take any damage during your previous turn, you can maintain the resistance as a free action. If you did take damage, you can spend a recovery and maintain the resistance as a free action.

Champion Feat: The resistance becomes 16+.

Destructive Force (Alternate Racial Power)

Once per battle, after a successful attack, step up the die type (d4->d6 to d10->d12) for all damage.  Replaces Stone Skin racial power.

Champion Feat: Any damage die rolled that is below the escalation die is changed to the escalation die. (i.e., if the escalation die is 3, the lowest a damage die can be is 3).

Originally posted by Adam Page and S Smith on 13th Age Google+ community.

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