Written by Melody Haren Anderson.



This spell was developed for a sorcerer character who has a Hellraiser sort of theme going on. So she can capture you, dragging you away from your friends for some "private time".


Close-quarters spell, move action

Recharge 16+

Always: For the rest of the battle, target an enemy engaged with you (which requires another move action).

Attack: Charisma + Level vs. PD

Hit: Pick 2 locations nearby that you can see and the GM picks another two. Roll a 1d4 to decide where you and the enemy are teleported to.


Level 3: You pick all four locations.

Level 5: The victim takes 5d6 damage after the teleport.

Level 7: The damage increases to 6d8.

Level 9: You may pick Far Away places.


Adventurer feat: The movement is disorienting on an even hit, and the target is dazed till the end of your next turn.

Champion feat: You can target locations that you can't see, as long as you know where you are going.

Epic feat: Instead of dazing the target, the journey is truely harrowing, and they are weakened till they save on an even hit.


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