Necromancer spells

Written by Martin K.

rooney by anotherwanderer da92z8b crop1st Level Spells

Chill Touch

Melee touch spell (targets one enemy you are engaged with, does not provoke an opportunity attack); At-will

Attack: Intelligence + Level vs. PD

Hit: 1d8 + Intelligence cold damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to melee and ranged attacks until the end of its next turn.

Miss: Damage equal to your level.

3rd level spell: 3d8 damage

5th level spell: 5d8 damage

7th level spell: 7d8 damage

9th level spell: 10d8 damage

Adventurer feat: The target takes the penalty to any attack roll.

Champion feat: Increase the attack penalty to -4.

Epic feat: Deal 2d8 extra damage.

Larloch's Minor Drain

Ranged spell; Anti-Cyclic (cast once per battle OR at-will when the escalation die is odd)

Target: One nearby creature

Attack: Intelligence + Level vs. PD

Hit: 1d4 + Intelligence negative energy damage, and you heal hit points equal to half the damage dealt. You can choose to spend a recovery to heal the full amount instead of half.

Miss: Damage equal to your level.

3rd level spell: 3d4 damage

5th level spell: 5d4 damage

7th level spell: 7d4 damage

9th level spell: 9d4 damage

Champion feat: On a natural even hit, you heal the full amount without spending a recovery.

Epic feat: On a natural even miss, you can repeat the attack against a different nearby target.

Visions of the Underworld

Close-quarters spell; Once per battle

Target: One nearby creature

Attack: Intelligence + Level vs. MD

Hit: 1d4 + Intelligence psychic damage. The target is struck with fear and vulnerable to your attacks (save ends both).

Miss: Damage equal to your level.

3rd level spell: 2d8 damage

5th level spell: 4d8 damage

7th level spell: 7d8 damage

9th level spell: 1d8 x 10 damage

Champion feat: If you kill the target before it can save against the effect, you can use this spell again this battle.

Epic feat: Increase the difficulty of the save to 16+.

3rd Level Spells

Bat Form

Close-quarters spell; Daily

Effect: You transform into a small, winged, bat-like creature with glowing red eyes. In bat form, you can fly, locate objects via echo, hunt insects, and sleep upside down, but you can't really fight. Your small size and erratic movement makes you harder to hit (+2 AC), but if you take any damage, you revert back to your normal form. Otherwise, you can stay in bat form up to a full day, or change back as a standard action any time. You cannot cast spells in bat form.

Ghoul Touch

Melee attack spell; Once per battle

Attack: Intelligence + Level vs. PD

Hit: 3d12 + Intelligence negative energy damage.

Natural 18+: The target is stunned until the end of its next turn.

Miss: Half damage.

5th level spell: 5d12 damage, stun on natural 17+

7th level spell: 7d12 damage, stun on natural 16+

9th level spell: 10d12 damage, stun on natural 15+

Champion feat: After saving against the stun, the target is hampered until the end of its next turn.

Vengeful Wisps

Close-quarters spell; Daily

Effect: 1d4 darkly glowing wisps start swirling around you. When a nearby enemy deals damage to you, one wisp strikes the enemy in revenge and deals 2d6 negative energy damage to it and disappears. The Wisps also disappear at the end of the battle.

5th level spell: 3d6 damage

7th level spell: 3d10 damage

9th level spell: 1d6 wisps, 3d12 damage

Adventurer Feat: If you had remaining wisps at the end of the battle, the reappear at the start of the next battle.

Champion Feat: Summon an extra wisp.

5th Level Spells

Spirit Armor

Close-quarters spell; Daily

Target: Self

Effect: The spell summons shimmering, ghost-like plate armor to protect you. You gain a +6 bonus to your unarmed AC and a +3 bonus to PD this battle. However, this spell saps some of your life force, and you lose one recovery when casting it.

Adventurer feat: If you succeed at a normal save (11+), you don't lose the recovery.

Vampiric Touch

Melee attack spell; Daily

Attack: Intelligence + Level vs. PD

Hit: Heal using a free recovery, and deal as much damage to the target.

Miss: Heal hit points equal to your level, and deal as much damage.

Champion feat: Increase your recovery dice to d12 for the purpose of this spell.

Epic feat: You can spend a recovery to double the spell's effect.

7th Level Spells

Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting

Ranged spell; Daily

Target: 2d4 nearby enemies and any allies engaged with those enemies

Special: Against plants and water elementals, you gain a +2 bonus to the attack roll

Attack: Intelligence + Level vs. PD

Hit: 7d8 + Intelligence damage.

Miss: Half damage.

9th level spell: 10d8 damage.

Champion feat: Allies with a Constitution score of 13 or higher are immune to this spell.

Voodoo of Mutually Assured Destruction

Close-quarters spell; Recharge 16+

Target: Self

Effect: The next time an attack brings you below zero hit points this battle, you deal damage to the attacker equal to the damage you took. Enemies with resistance to negative energy take half damage.

Epic feat: If the attacker is staggered after taking the damage, he or she must succeed at a normal save or be killed themselves.



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