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chaos mage concept by alexboca d792nfzAttack Spells

1st Level

Chaos Touch

Melee attack; At-will

Attack: Charisma + level vs. PD

Hit: 1d4 per level + Charisma force damage

Natural even hit: Determine the target of the enemy's next attack randomly between all allies and enemies in range.

Natural odd hit: Roll on the defensive warp talent table (even if you don't have that talent)

Miss: Your level in damage

Adventurer feat: You can use this power as a basic melee attack or as an opportunity attack.

Champion feat: Increase the damage dice to d6.

Epic feat: On an even miss, make a second attack roll against a random nearby enemy.

3rd Level

Burning Chaos

Ranged spell; Daily

Special: Before making the attack roll for this spell, roll on the High Weirdness table

Target: The 1d3 nearby enemies with the highest hit point total

Attack: Charisma + level vs. PD

Hit: 10d6 fire damage

Natural 18+: The forces of chaos alter the target in some way. It grows a new limb, gains a new attack, or its defenses, resistances or vulnerabilities change...

Miss: Your allies engaged with the target take 3d6 fire damage

5th level spell: 2d4 x 10 fire damage

7th level spell: 2d6 x 10 fire damage

9th level spell: 3d6 x 10 fire damage

5th Level

Brain Warp

Ranged spell; At-will

Target: One nearby enemy

Attack: Charisma + Level vs. MD

Hit: The target immediately uses one of its attack abilities to attack its own ally a free action.

Miss: Psychic damage equal to your level

Champion feat: The target adds the escalation die to the attack roll.

Defense Spells

1st Level

Chaos Shield

Close-quarters spell; Daily

Target: Self

Effect: You gain a 1d6 bonus to your AC until the end of the battle. Reroll the bonus at the start of each of your turns. Whenever the roll comes up as a 5 or 6, you can also teleport to a nearby location you can see as a free action.

9th Level

Purple Vortex

Close-quarters spell; Daily

Target: Self

Effect: Until the end of the battle, all attacks have a 50% of missing you. Each enemy engaged with you at the end of its turn must make a normal saving throw (11+) or teleported to a random nearby location. On a natural even failed save, the target location is safe. On a natural odd failed save, all bets are off.

Iconic Spells

Archmage (Light of the High Ones)

Gift of the Magister (5th level+)

Close-quarters spell; Daily

Special: If you have a relationship die with the Archmage, you can cast this spell as a quick action

Effect: Gain a random Wizard spell as determined by the table below. You can cast this spell once before the end of the battle, at your chaos mage class level.

1 Air: Lightning Bolt

2 Earth: Acid Arrow

3 Fire: Fireball

4 Water: Invisibility

5 Metal: Shield

6 Void: Force Salvo

Crusader (Blood of Warriors)

Join the Crusade (5th level+)

Ranged spell; Daily

Target: You and 1d3 nearby allies

Effect: All targets gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls until the end of the battle. Any target that has an icon relationship die with the Crusader gains a +2 bonus instead.

Diabolist (Twisted Path)

Demonic Frenzy (3rd level+)

Ranged spell; Daily

Target: You or a nearby ally

Effect: The target enters a demonic frenzy until the end of the battle. While frenzy, the target rolls 2d20 for each attacks. Use the higher die as the attack roll. However, for each die that misses, the target takes twice its level in damage.

Dwarf King (Blood of Warriors)

Chaotic Enchantment (1st level+)

Ranged spell; Once per battle

Target: A non-magic item wielded by you or a nearby ally

Effect: Until the end of the battle, the item is an adventurer-level true magic item with a random enchantment (roll a die on a list of enchantments) of the appropriate chakra.

5th level spell: The item is a champion-level item.

9th level spell: The item is an epic-level item.

Curse of Brittle Iron (3rd level+)

Ranged spell; Daily

Target: A nearby enemy

Attack: Charisma + Level vs. PD

Hit: If the target has metal weapons and armor, they become brittle and useless. Until the end of the battle, the target deals half damage and takes a -4 penalty to AC. There is no save against the effect, but the target can grab a weapon from the environment and rearm itself. This usually requires a standard action, and ends the damage penalty. The target can also change its armor, but only after the end of the battle. Creatures that only use natural weapons, such as beasts and dragons, are immune to the effect. True magic item weapons and armor targeted by this spell can be repaired by a skilled dwarf.

Miss: -

Elf Queen (Light of the High Ones)

Glamour of the Fey (1st level+)

Ranged spell; Daily

Target: A nearby enemy with 50 or less hit points. For each icon relationship point you have with the Elf Queen, increase the hit point limit by 10.

Attack: Charisma + Level vs. MD

Hit: Psychic damage equal to twice your level, and the target is stunned (save ends).

Miss: Psychic damage equal to your level

3rd level spell: A target with up to 80 hit points, plus 15 per icon relationship point.

5th level spell: A target with up to 130 hit points, plus 25 per icon relationship point.

7th level spell: A target with up to 200 hit points, plus 40 per icon relationship point.

9th level spell: A target with up to 340 hit points, plus 60 per icon relationship point.

Great Gold Wyrm (Blood of Warriors)

Radiant Shield (3rd level+)

Ranged spell; Daily

Target: You

Effect: Charisma + Level vs. PD

Hit: Until the end of the battle, you gain resist all 20. Unless an attack against you is a natural 20, you take half damage.

High Druid (Light of the High Ones)

Wildfire (3rd level+)

Ranged spell; Once per battle

Target: One nearby ally

Special: Chain spell. When your attack roll is a natural even roll, you can roll another attack against a different enemy within range. Keep on rolling attacks as long as you get even rolls and don’t run out of new targets. Each enemy can be targeted only once.

Attack: Charisma + Level vs. PD

Hit: 10 ongoing fire damage

Miss: Your level in fire damage

3rd level spell: 15 ongoing fire damage.

5th level spell: 25 ongoing fire damage.

7th level spell: 35 ongoing fire damage.

9th level spell: 50 ongoing fire damage.

Lich King (Twisted Path)

Citizens of Necropolis (3rd level+)

Close-quarters spell; Daily

Target: You or a nearby ally

Effect: The target rolls a d4. On a 1-2, it is subject to the effect of a Necromancer's Zombie Form spell. On a 3-4, the effect is Ghoul Form.

7th level spell: Roll 1d6. On 5-6, the effect is Ghost Form.

9th level spell: Roll 1d8. On 7-8, the effect is Vampiric Form.

Orc Lord (Blood of Warriors)

Test your Might (1st level+)

Ranged spell; Daily

Target: The nearby ally with the highest Strength score

Effect: The ally can immediately make a melee basic attack as a free action. If the attack is a hit, that ally gains a +1d10 bonus to damage with melee attacks this battle. However, if the granted attack is a miss, that ally takes 1d10 damage as a punishment for his or her unworthiness.

3rd level spell: 2d10 bonus damage; 2d10 on miss.

5th level spell: 3d10 bonus damage; 3d10 on miss.

7th level spell: 5d10 bonus damage; 5d10 on a miss.

9th level spell: 7d10 bonus damage; 7d10 on a miss.

Priestess (Light of the High Ones)

Divine Intervention (3rd level+)

Close-quarters spell; Daily

Effect: You gain the benefit of the invocation of a random cleric domain. Roll a d10.

1 Healing: You or one nearby ally can heal using a recovery.

2 Justice: This battle, add double your level to the miss damage of your attacks and the attacks of your nearby allies.

3 Knowledge: Once this battle, as a free action, allow one of your allies to reroll a single attack roll with a +2 bonus.

4 Life: Once this battle, you and each ally can separately add the escalation die to a single saving throw.

5 Love: Once this battle, at some dramatic moment, you or an ally can roll for an icon relationship with the Priestess. Rolls of 5 and 6 are beneficial as usual, though the GM will have to improvise what that means in the middle of combat.

6 Protection: This battle, critical hits against you and your nearby allies deal normal damage instead of critical damage.

7 Strength: This battle, you and your nearby allies deal triple damage instead of double damage on critical hits with melee attacks.

8 Sun: You can cast the spell Turn Undead once this battle. At 5th level, you can choose to cast Sphere of Radiance instead.

9 Trickery: This battle, attacks against you by enemies that moved to engage you during their turn miss on natural odd rolls.

10 War: Increase the escalation die by 1.

Prince of Shadows (Twisted Path)

Literal Backstabbing (1st Level+)

Close-quarters spell; Once per battle

Effect: You summon a handful of shadowy black daggers that circle the battlefield. Once per round, you can can make the following attack with them as a quick action

Target: One enemy that is engaged with you or one of your allies

Attack: Charisma + Level vs. AC

Hit: 5 negative energy damage.

Special: If you hit at least one target, increase the number of targets of your next attack with this spell, and all following attacks, by one.

3rd level spell: 8 damage

5th level spell: 11 damage

7th level spell: 15 damage

9th level spell: 30 damage

The Three (Twisted Path)

Airstrike (3rd level+)

Close-quarters spell; Once per battle

Target: All nearby creatures. For each point of Charisma modifier, you can exclude a random ally from the targets

Attack: Charisma + Level vs. PD

Hit: 3d10 + Charisma modifier fire damage

Miss: half damage

5th level spell: 5d10 damage.

7th level spell: 7d10 damage.

9th level spell: 10d10 damage.

Gift of Power (3rd Level+)

Close-quarters spell; At-will

Effect: For the next chaos mage spell you cast before the end of your next turn, you can choose to either deal double damage OR double the number of targets.

Adventurer feat: You also gain a random chaotic benefit of your tier as listed in the Sorcerer's Gather Power class feature.



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Art credit: Alex Boca - Chaos Mage concept

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