Necromancer Spell - Energy Drain

Written by Marcelo.

Energy Drain (3rd level necromancer spell)

Ranged spell - Standard action - Daily

Target: One nearby enemy. 

Attack: Intelligence + level vs. PD.Energy Drain by Satibalzane

Hit: The target suffers 10 damage for each negative level received. Each negative level apply -1 to all attacks and all defenses. receives 1d4 negative levels (normal save, 11+ ends) and 

5th Level Spell - 1d4+1 negative levels. Damage becomes 15 per negative level.

7th Level Spell - 1d4+2 negative levels. Damage becomes 20 per negative level.

9th Level Spell - 1d4+3 negative levels. Damage becomes 25 per negative level.

Adventurer Feat: If you miss, you may try to hit a target behind the previous target, as long as they're roughly in line.

Champion Feat: If you miss from all targets, the spell is not expended.

Epic Feat: The target suffers penalty to this spell save equal to the escalation die it was cast in.

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