Wizard Spell - Wall of Fire

Written by Kenderama.

Dome of Fire

3rd Level Spell / Close-Quarters

Daily - Move Action to sustain each round

Create a stationary dome of fire centered on the caster that encircles her in whirling walls of flame. Any creature or object attempting to pass through the flames takes 4d8 fire damage. The dome is large enough to encircle a number of creatures equal to 1 (the caster) plus INT modifier.  (Note: Any engaged enemies are considered to be inside the dome upon casting, and should be counted before allies!)

5th Level: Increase damage to 6d10.

7th Level: Increase damage to 10d10.

9th Level: Increase damage to 12d12 plus ongoing 15 fire (save ends)

Champion Feat: Dome of Fire damage is one way - anyone inside can pass out (but not back in!) without taking damage.

Epic Feat: You can choose cold or hot flames for the dome - cold flames do cold damage, hot flames do fire damage.

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