Cleric Spell - Circle of Life

Written by Kenderama.

Circle of Life (3rd level)

"Life-preserving energy rolls out of the caster in a visible wave of golden light - healing wounds and giving hope to all within it's range."

Ranged Spell
Standard Action to Cast

Target: Self
Effect: All nearby allies gain the cleric's WIS modifier plus level in temporary hit points at the start of the cleric's turn. (These do not stack.) In addition, all Death Saves while within the aura gain a +5 to the roll. Any undead who enter the circle take the cleric's WIS+Level in damage each round and must make a saving throw to remain within the circle.

5th Level: Double WIS mod + double Level
7th Level:
 Triple WIS mod + triple Level
9th Level: Failed Death Saves do not cause you to slip closer to death.

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