Talent: Paladin's Shadow

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Paladin's Shadow

You can use this talent once per battle.

As a quick action immediately following a successful disengage check you can create a shadow of yourself that will reengage one creature you just disengaged from. When you use this ability make a recovery roll (this does not use one of your recoveries) and assign the result as your shadow's hit points. As for your shadow's defenses it has the AC, PD, and MD as you.

Your shadow can not move or take any action except for making opportunity attacks when appropriate. When your shadow makes an opportunity attack it uses the same melee attack and damage rolls as you. It is your shadow after all. Enemy creatures are able to attack the shadow as if was a player character and will treat as such. For example, if an enemy uses a spell that selects its target at random, then the shadow if it is in range must be included in the list of possible targets. However, you and your allies can not target the shadow nor uses any powers or spells that affect it. Under no circumstance can the shadow be healed in any fashion or gain temporary hit points.

Your shadow is removed from battle when any of the following conditions are meet: the shadow is no longer engaged with any enemy creatures, you or your shadow's hp drops to 0 or below, or you choose to dispel it as a free action.

Advantage Feat: Enemies have a -4 penalty when making disengage checks against your shadow. Enemies who are under a Paladin's Challenge do not take this penalty.
Champion Feat: Your shadow can reengage any and all creatures you just successfully disengaged from. You no longer need to pick just one.
Epic Feat: Your shadow gains an additional 25 hit points.

 If a paladin disengages from an enemy outside of their turn, then they can still use this talent at the beginning of their next turn as long as the enemy or enemies are still next to the paladin. This does not apply if it was the enemy that disengage from the paladin.

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