Wizard Spell - Ghost Dance

Written by Kenderama.

Ghost Dance

5th Level Wizard Spell
Close-quarters spell

You or one nearby ally.
Effect: For the rest of the battle (or for five minutes), the target generates 1d2 ghostly copies of your image that appear and mimic the target's every move. (They do not, however, have thermal images, or scents, but they do make sound as the originator does.) These images can be completely ignored by enemies who can see invisible/out of phase creatures. 

When targetted by an attack, the GM should roll 1dX (where X is the number of images, +1 for the original) and have the player targetted pick a number. If that number is not rolled, an image is attacked instead of the original, and on a hit - 'popped' by the attack, reducing the number of images by one.

7th Level: Spell generates 1d3 ghost images

9th Level: Spell generates 1d4+1 ghost images

Champion FeatThe spell recharges on an 16+ after each battle.

Epic Feat: The spell recharges on an 11+ after each battle.


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