Necromancer Spell - Vampiric Touch

Written by Marcelo.

Vampiric Touch (3rd level necromancer spell)

Close-quarters spell - Standard action - Once per battle

Target: One engaged enemy. 

Attack: Intelligence + level vs. PD.

Hit: 3d6 + Intelligence negative energy damage and you may heal using a recovery. 

Miss: Damage equal to your level and the spell is not expended.

5th Level Spell - 5d6 damage.

7th Level Spell - 8d6 damage.

9th Level Spell - 12d6 damage.

Adventurer Feat: Add the target level to your recovery roll.

Champion Feat: Increase by one step the recovery dice used with Vampiric Touch (usually from d6 to d8).

Epic Feat: When you heal using a recovery from Vampiric Touch, you may heal again using a free recovery.

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