Windling - Earthdawn Race

Written by David Thomas.

I've adapted some races from the Earthdawn rpg, as it's one of my all time favorite settings. This is the small, winged, fairy-like Windlings. 


+2 Cha OR +2 Wis

Racial Power:

Flight: Windlings main mode of movement is flight on dragonfly-like wings. They are less adept at high flying. If a Windling flies high enough to be “Far Away” (basically un-engage-able) they must make a normal save (11+) at the end of every round, or become Hampered (save ends).
If they fail a save while Hampered, they tumble to the ground, taking mid-range single target impromptu damage for the environment, and becoming Stunned (save ends).

Small: +2 AC bonus vs opportunity attacks.

Brittle: Windlings have 1 less recovery per day than normal.

Champion Feat: The Windling no longer has 1 less recovery per day than normal.

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