Written by James.

+2 STR or +2 WIS

You are a tree : You have a tree's needs. Where humans need food , you need light. You must spend 1d4 hours a day planting your roots in direct sunlight or else lose a recovery. this stacks with multiple days. You must be able to do this if you want to take a full rest. You can avert this for a day with a drink of entwash , costing 25Gp. Entwash gives non-ents the effects of a potion of rejuvenation. You may also aquire Entwash by getting in good standing with the druids.

Hardwood Oak (Racial Power) : You may use your limbs as 1d10 weapons. However , you do not benefit from dual wielding due to your slowness. You also gain a +1 AC per tier.

Let us not be hasty : You only roll 1d10 for intiative but each turn your initiative increases by the escalation die.

Adventurer feat : Roll 1d12

Champion feat : roll 2d8

Epic Feat : Roll 4d6


Racial Talent : Ancient Ent

You are an ancient treant , protector of a forest , grown into a large creature. This has no mechanical effect but makes you an intimidating presence for sure. It also means no armour for you. Your natural AC in no armour is 14 not including Hardwood Oak , and you do not take penalties for this. Your base HP is increased by 1 also. However , you are vulnerable to fire and saves against ongoing fire damage are hard saves. Your Let us not be hasty die are all decreased by one step. You may also gain several druidic spells with feats. These level with you. You also gain a bonus dice with the High Druid.

Adventurer Feat : You gain Barkskin as a bonus spell.

Champion feat : You gain Earth Strength as a bonus spell.

Epic Feat : You gain plantwalk as a bonus spell.

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