Written by Kevin bacon.

                                                                            Vampire (race)

+2 Str OR +2 Dex

Children of the Night (Racial Power)
Whenever you are in direct sunlight, you are dazed (-4 to all your attack rolls).
You are vulnerable to holy damage and fire damage.

Adventurer Feat: If you didn't already you my now see in the dark.

Epic Feat: You no longer dazed when in direct sunlight.



Feed (Racial Power)

Once per battle, you may feed on a target you hit with a natural odd attack roll as a free action.
Do an additional 1d4 (times level) damage to that target and heal using a recovery.

Note: Most people don't respond very well to vampires feeding on other creatures. There may be some
social implications if someone sees you feeding.



Functionally Immortal (Racial Power)
Vampires can not die from old age.
Additionally, increase your total recoveries by 1.

Champion Feat: Gain 10 temporary hit per level each round so long as you have at least 1 hit point
and as long as the escalation die is even

In the 13th age book it recommend that your play group decide what vampire lore you would like to go with,
and you have alot of options hear i perfer European folklore of vampires. however Asian and American lore works aswell.
You can even use your favorite sci-fi or fantasy books lore.



However you should keep these things in mind.

The vampire race should be taken with another race (i.e. human/vampire or dwarf/vampire );
however you may not take bones from the other race chosen(i.e. Racial Powers and stats).

Vampires should be noticeably paler than members of the same base race.





Vampires should have some kind of relationship with the Lich King as they are undead. It could be negative or conflicted,
but the link is there.



                                                                         -Other Options-

After feeding on a player if that player dies that day he or she my choose to come back as a vampire.

If you feed on a npc (if your GM allows it) you may make a hard save, (16+) if you succeed that npc is now a vampire.




Kevin Reagan -Author.



                                                                         -Special Thanks-

Michael Maneval - My first GM.
And to the wonderful people who make the 13th Age.

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