Written by Paul Fanning.

+2 Int or Cha

Once per battle when a nearby enemy makes an attack against you, as a free action make a close attack using your highest ability score plus level vs. the attacker’s MD. On a hit their attack instead misses you.
Champion Feat: The triggering attack instead hits one other enemy you are engaged with.
Champion Feat (sudden regrowth): Twice per day when you take damage you can spend a free recovery as an immediate action.

Each time you take a full heal up choose a race and gender. Until your next full heal up, you physically are this type of character. None of your stats change (though see the feats below) but if you become a male dwarf you really are shorter than a human, thick bodied, bearded etc. Your equipment and personal belongings magically change to accommodate your new form, and you don’t have to worry about the variations in a shapeshifters appearance (see below).
During a quick rest, you can change things like facial features, age, height and build as long as these stay within the normal limits of what you chose during the heal up.
As a standard action you can make superficial alterations like skin, hair and eye color.
Finally, as a free action you can revert to your regular shapeshifter appearance, losing all benefits and effects of this talent and it’s feats until your next full heal up.
Adventurer feat: Two battles per day (and twice per day out of battle if appropriate) you can use the racial power of the race you chose during the full heal up. This is in addition to your original racial power.
Champion feat: When you take a full heal up, choose a class. You may swap one of your original class talents and up to two original class powers for elements of this chosen class (elements of your level or lower).
Epic feat: When you take a full heal up choose an appropriate background. You gain this background at the 3 point level. You can take up to 2 points from your permanent backgrounds to raise this one to a 5, but doing so might run the risk of having your assumed personality overshadow your “real” one.

Shapeshifters appear as slightly stocky but unimposing elves or humans of drab coloring-- unless they are experiencing high emotion. Then a shapeshifter might, for instance,  become somewhat more physically off-putting if angry, take on some small elements of the appearance of a friend they are currently having a blast with… or look a little like a lost friend they are deeply mourning at that moment. These changes are usually of little benefit and beyond a shapeshifter’s control, though the right background might say otherwise.
A few Shapeshifters like to seclude themselves in the wilderness, but most are found in the bustle of the larger cities-- particularly Horizon and Shadowport. Perhaps this is because shapeshifters, maybe unknowingly, are beholden to either the Archmage or the Prince of Shadows.

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