Written by Paul Fanning.

+2 Str or Con

Once per battle when you attack and hit an enemy of about your size or smaller that you are engaged with, you can pop them free to someplace nearby as a free action. They then lose their next move action.
Champion Feat: You can use this power twice per battle.
Champion Feat (blood of giants): Choose cold, fire, lightning, or thunder. You gain resist 16+ to damage of that type. In addition, you deal damage of that type equal to your level to any enemy engaged with you that attacks you with an odd roll.

Choose one of the following options.
You wield  larger than normal weapons. Your weapon damage die increases by one size (d12 increases by simply adding 1 to each die you roll).
Your heritage allows you to overcome damage that would hinder more frail mortals. Your recovery dice increase by one size (d12 increases by simply adding 1 to each die you roll).
You may take this talent twice, either to gain the other benefit or to increase the one you already have.
Adventurer feat: You gain a recovery.
Champion feat: Your melee attacks do half damage on an even miss or an odd miss (your choice when you take this feat).
Epic feat: Your base hit points increase by 1.

This race is a diverse group that includes those born of humans near the territory of giants (much like half-orcs born near infestations of orcs), a rare but recurring offshoot of ogres considered by their tribes to be  too-clever weaklings, and a few actual half-giants. Strangely these three groups all share similarities in appearance and capabilities, and can successfully produce offspring.
As mentioned, giantkind are common near Giant’s Walk. Like true giants they can find themselvea influenced by various icons, most notably the Orc Lord and the Three.

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