Written by Will.

Ravenfolk/Tengu - created by Wade Rockett and approved by Rob Heinsoo

+2 Int OR +2 Wis

Racial Power:

Wotan's Wisdom: Once per battle you may re-roll a natural even attack roll, or natural even skill check.

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  • Guest - Melfast

    I think the Tengu are a great race and have added them to my 13th Age campaign with the following additional details added to the original write-up:

    Champion Feat: If you roll a natural 16+ on the re-roll, you gain an additional move action on your next turn.

    The Tengu claim to be the children of the immortal ravens who serve the rune god by collecting knowledge and secrets. In the Dragon Empire, they are often associated with the ruler icons as spies, and Tengu are known to often act as agents for the Emperor, the Elf Queen, the Dwarf King, the Orc Lord and the Lich King (or several of them at the same time as double or triple agents). Many believe though, that their true loyalty is reserved for the Prince of Shadows. They skulk in hooded black cloaks through the back streets of towns, and the back roads of the countryside, collecting information, hatching plots, and sowing mischief. Although widely mistrusted, if you can get a Tengu to swear an oath by their name or clan rune, they will keep it. While they can thrive as members of any class, they excel as Rogues, Wizards, and Eldritch Knights (where they see a correlation between sigils and the runes of their god).

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