Written by Covok.


+2 Strength or +2 Dexterity 

Scent for Sight: +2 bonus to checks to find a hiding, sneaking, or otherwise unseen target. 

Acidic Blood (Racial Power):
Once per battle, when hit with a natural even roll, you can deal ongoing acid damage to the closet enemy as a free action. The damage equals five times your current level. A normal save (11+) ends this damage.
Champion Feat: You can use Acidic Blood twice a battle, but once per round and only against different targets.

Roleplaying Suggestion (optional): It might be interesting to reflavor whatever the player chooses as their weapons as its claws (for melee) and its tail (for ranged). Just a suggestion.

Xenomorphs are a horryfying race of bugmen that prowl the night. Stories claim they came from the sky in a falling, metal star. Others claim they were born from the vile experiments of the Wizard King. Regardless of their origin, they are a strong and proud race that own the forests.

Their horrid form seems like a mix of metal and flesh, their eyeless head is elongated and curved, and it boasts horrid claws and a sharp, dagger-like tail. Despite this monstrous appearance, it is rather intelligent being and an amazing natural hunter. Those who wander into its territory without permission are often met with swift, unnatural ends. 

This is not to say they are an unreasonable people. While rare, some have opened diplomatic communications with the species. However, their alien way of thinking has often led to these talks being unfruitful. 

Their culture prefers to hunt monsters more than it does people. This is due to how they mate. Their humongous queen lays eggs the size of a halfling. These eggs are then placed in a corpse. Due to the egg's size, a large beast -- such as a monster -- is needed. After being placed inside, the egg dissolves the rotting corpse from within and repurposes the biological material into "building material" for a new xenomorph. This process takes 2 weeks. Afterwards, a fully grown xenomorph emerges and seeks the queen to recieve a job among the tribe. This is due to the psychic link all xenomorphs have with their queen. Their monster hunting ways have earned them the favor of those who live near the forests even if those same people greatly fear them.

Even when hunting for food, xenomorphs will ignore people except for times of extreme famine. Why waste time hunting a possibly smart, possibly strong, possibly armed creature that will only get you a few pounds of meat when one could kill a moose or a deer with little effort and get enough meat for four xenomorphs? If a xenomorph begins hunting people, their tribe will often kill the being and offer its body as a gift to the forces of the emperor to avoid conflict. 

Some are born with a deficiency in the brain. This deficiency leads to them being inable to psychically link with their Queen. Because of this, the Queen will often reject them and the tribe will run them out of the village. If the reject attempts to return, it would be killed on sight. These rejects often seek shelter among the more civilized people of the Dragon Empire and often time become adventurers.

Despite common belief and prejudice, xenomorphs can speak and are literate. They just prefer to speak psychically with their own kind and often forget that other species cannot communicate in such a fashion. The belief they are iliterate is understandable as they lack eyes instead using scent to see. The ridges on their hands are formed in such a fashion that it allows the xenomorph to "see" the imprints of the letters if it rubs its hand across the surface the letters were transcribed on. 

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