Written by Andrew.

+2 Strength or +2 Consitution

Regeneration (Racial Power)
Once per a battle when you take a recovery, you recover an additional amount of hit points equal to the value you rolled on the recovery die.
Champion Feat: When you use your Regeneration ability, any saves you make during that round become easy saves.

Trolls are strange giants who roam the lands, devouring all living things they come across. Nearly the size of the Ogres, the Trolls have incredibly strength that is difficult to overstate. They can rend apart armored opponents with their bare hands before their opponents are even close enough to swing a sword at them. Their mossy green hides blend in with their surroundings and they can remain underwater for a good amount of time. A popular belief about Trolls is that they like to hide under bridges then snatch up and eat anyone who tries to cross them. Undoubtedly, there have been Trolls who have done precisely this. However, the most notorious feature about Trolls is that they are damn near unkillable. No matter what horrendous damage is inflicted upon their bodies, they will just grow them back.

Trolls don’t speak much. Although capable of speech, and in fact even having their own writing system that they often scrawl onto stone or wood with their bare clawed fingers, they have a strange relationship with the world around them. They don’t care much for clothing or armor; they often don’t even bother with weapons. While there are some clues in the world that Trolls were once a powerful and respected race, what they have devolved into is anything but. Their perspective on things can only be considered mad—they don’t really recognize the sentience or individuality of life forms around them, in fact they don’t even recognize their own individuality. They see themselves merely as the continuation of the thing known as “Troll” and are somehow repeating an ancient endless cycle. Near as anyone can tell they don’t even have names. If one can manage to stop a Troll from devouring long enough and get them to communicate enough to understand all this—then it is clear why Trolls don’t communicate with others.

The idea of a Troll adventurer is a incredibly ludicrous proposal. A Troll wouldn’t even comprehend what that meant. And while a particularly cunning and conniving individual could perhaps convince or corral a Troll in the general direction it wants, there is a constant threat that the Troll will simply turn around and devour them at any moment not recognizing the difference between friend or foe.

But—perhaps out there in the wide world there might be an offshoot of the race that isn’t nearly as insane and alien as the majority of the race.

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