Written by Andrew.

+2 Constitution OR +2 Dexterity

Cull the Weak (Racial Power)
Once per battle, when you strike a staggered enemy with an naturally odd hit, you may deal damage or other effects as though you rolled a critical hit.
Champion Feat: In addition to the damage and any other effects you may apply, the target to become dazed until it makes a normal save.

Gnolls are nasty, hyena-shaped humanoids that prowl the wilds of the Dragon Empire. Although they can be intelligent, none would know this from any encounter with one. They run in packs, ever hungry and devouring all creatures they come across. They are happy to make a meal of a humanoid should one be hapless enough to cross their path. There are rumors that the Gnolls have a demonic origin. Some say they were once a noble race that once ruled the world and were somehow cursed and reduced to the sorry state they now live in. Others say they were crafted as minions for a great demon lord or forgotten dark god. Perhaps both stories are half true.

Despite their violent and aggressive natures, they can be reigned in. Virtually all Gnolls work for the Diablist or Liche King and only adventurers who serve one of those are liable to find themselves fighting alongside them-- likely having to be careful not to fall to the ground bleeding last their last moments be having their allies leap upon them and devour them alive. However, there are some exceptions-- Gnolls who have managed to shake off whatever it is that diseases the mind of virtually the entire race. These Gnolls are usually found living in relative harmony with nature, becoming its guardians against those who would exploit it. These Gnolls, usually working for the High Druid, can be reasoned with and can even become allies of adventurers. But even among the finest of this race, their beastal natures are likely to offend those with more delicate constitutions.

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