Orcish Battle Shrooms

Written by Wesley.O.Ford.

For use in 13th Age and Midgard campaign setting

An Orc's reputation is based on how much destruction they can cause. Since they are already the largest and strongest of the common races, they compete with each other for the unofficial title of Lord Death of Murder Mountain. Some orcs use performance enhancing drugs to tip the scales in their favor. In their wake of destruction, defiling and general filth, a foul smelling purple mushroom takes root. Dried shrooms can be eaten to cause hieghtened awareness, unbridled energy and immunity from pain. Just try to forget that they sprout from piles of Orc dung.

Type: Potion
Cost: Icon Point with Orc King (Glittering King) or 200 Gold
Effect: Roll 2 extra Dice for melee damage, -2 to all defenses

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