Dwarven Flashbang Grenade

Written by Wesley.O.Ford.

for use in 13th Age and the Midgard campaign setting

The canton dwarves have long held the secret of gunpowder. A line of dwarven gunners unloading volleys with ther handcannons is enough to keep most enemy armies on the other side of their borders. Dwarven alchemists are sworn to secrecy by their esoteric "Order of the mushroom cloud". Even dwarven kings are kept from this knowledge and merely writing the recipe down is considered an act of treason. The mysterious powder can be held in small, fist sized iron cans with a short fuse. After 3 seconds the can explodes with a bright flash and a loud bang (Dwarves were never good at naming things...) causing temporary blindness and deafness to anyone standing too close.

Type: Grenade (Standard action, Ranged, Dex+LVL VS PD)
Cost: Icon point with the Dwarf King (Illuminated), or 150 Gold
Effect: D3 targets are Dazed (-4 to attacks) for 1 turn

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