Potion of Heroic Action

Written by Lester Gash.

This milky liquid makes the imbiber feel like they can take on anything - and often, they can. Peculiarly, the potion only seems to have any effect when the imbibers life is threatened. 
It allows the imbiber to roll two dice and pick the result they want during a battle (either the highest or lowest). This may be used on attacks, initiative and skill checks, but not damage dice. The number of times this effect may be used in battle depends on tier. Usually this potion is drunk just before or at the beginning of the battle, but it may be drunk part way through. Either way, its effect ends once the battle has finished, even if the potion's effects were not used.
Tier Cost Number of Times per Battle
Adventurer 100gp 1
Champion 250gp 2
Epic 500gp 3


From Thoughts of a Part Time Hobbyist

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