Potion of Levitation

Written by Lester Gash.

This liquid defies the laws of gravity, floating to the top of any container it is within. It is important that the cork or stopper is very secure or else you may find your potion floats away into the sky.
Upon imbibing, adventurers find they are able to move freely vertically at about half walking speed. There is no height limit, but the imbiber must be very careful they do not manoeuvre themselves higher than they will be able to return to a safe position from before the effect wears off! The potion does not grant horizontal movement but this may be achieved through any non magical means. (grabbing onto a rope, pushing off a wall etc).
The imbiber may carry objects or other adventurers beyond his own weight; the extra weight allowance, again, varies by tier.
Fighting whilst under the effects of this potion can be difficult, and any attacks suffer a -2 penalty. Additionally, due to the restricted movement of someone under the levitation effect, all attacks against them gain a +2 bonus. 
Tier Cost Duration of Effect Extra Weight Allowance
Adventurer 210gp 5 minutes 50lbs
Champion 425gp 15 minutes 200lbs
Epic 850gp 30 minutes 400lbs


From Thoughts of a Part Time Hobbyist

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