Potion of Dragon's Breath

Written by Lester Gash.

Many alchemists lost their lives perfecting these volatile mixtures, which allow the imbiber to breath fire, freezing cold, acid, lightning or poisonous gas over their enemies. Each is a specific type of potion, declared when acquired, with a different damage keyword, although the damage done is the same regardless. Drinking the potion is a quick action and releasing the breath is a standard action which must be done on the same or next player turn.
Attack: level + dex/con/cha mod (pick highest) vs PD against 1d3 nearby enemies in a group.
Damage: See table. Additionally the following effects apply:
Fire Type - Miss deals half damage
Cold Type - On a hit of 16+ the target is stuck, save ends.
Acid Type - On a hit of 16+, the target suffers ongoing damage equal to 5/10/15 depending on tier, save ends.
Lightning Type - On a natural even hit the target is also dazed.
Poison Type - This gas does half damage but the target is also hampered, save ends.


Adventurer 210gp 4d6
Champion 425gp 5d8
Epic 650gp 6d10

From Thoughts of a Part Time Hobbyist

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