Angelic Choirs

Written by James G..

What is true of all Angels.
Invocation of Virtue: Once per battle, an Angel may use their Invocation as a Quick Action. The effects of multiple Angels of the same Choir using the same Invocation is additive.
Creature type is Abberation, as they represent a pure truth of the gods, and their mere presence shatters material reality to accomodate it.
Fallen Angels: Fallen Angels are truths of the world ringing false, and are scars on reality itself, simmilar to a Hellhole, but this tear leads through the Overworld and into the Outer Planes. Every Angel has a way to Fall, and most will do anything to avoid it.

Chayot ha Kodesh (The Choir of Truth)
This enlightened angel is a pillar of the world itself, a direct agent of the Gods. Just beholding it burns your vision.
Double Strength 13th Level Leader, Abberation
Invocation of Truth: When triggered, roll 20d20, and line up the results up in random order. If playing a table, do this ahead of time for expediency. Any time a creature, including the Chayot, would roll a d20, instead use the next die in the sequence as the natural roll, then discard it.
Domain of Truth: Whenever the Angel misses with an attack, it may move the next 1d4 dice in the sequence to the back of the sequence.
The Flaming Sword of Aziraphale (M)
+18 vs AC, 100 Holy Damage and the Chayot may steal the next die in the sequence. The stolen die may, at any point before the start of the Chayot's next turn, replace a natural result of a d20 roll, including one taken from the sequence.
Veritable Decree (C)
Targets a number of enemies equal to the Escalation Die
+18 vs MD, 50 Holy Damage, and for every target hit, the next die roll in the queue becomes a 13.
Honest Counsel (R)
Targets a number of allies equal to the Escalation Die
+18 vs MD, 50 Psychic Damage and the next d20 roll the target makes is treated as if it were a Natural 20.
Resist Holy 18+
Nastier Specials:
Cassandra Truth: Whenever a d20 roll by the target is a Natural 13, the target immediatley becomes Shocked, Hard Save Ends.
Harsher Truths: Honest Counsel may target enemies, and the damage becomes healing instead. However, the Natural 20 is replaced with a Natural 1.
The Singular Truth: When the queue runs out, the Chayot totals up the results that were in the queue, including added results such as from Honest Counsel. This total is placed on the creature who used the last die roll in the queue. If it was an enemy, they regain that much HP. If pushed above their max HP this way, they ascend into being an Angel of the Elohim. If it was an enemy, they take that much Psychic Damage. If killed this way, they are instead dropped to 1 HP, and permanently Dominated by the Chayot, to be turned into a Paladin of the Choir of Contrition. If it was a Chayot, they are cast down, and create a Fallen Angel. 
AC: 27, PD: 23, MD: 29, HP: 864

Ophanim (Choir of Vigilance)
This angel is that feeling when nobody is around, yet you know you're being watched. They are the eyes of Gods, and nothing may escape their compassionless gaze. They find the Truth that the Chayot ha Kodesh decree.
12th Level Spoiler, Abberation
Invocation of Vigilance: When triggered, for a number of rounds equal to the Escalation Die value when triggered, the Ophanim may make an Opportunity Attack with Wings of the Ophanim against any enemy involved in the battle that moves, ignoring distance and line of sight.
Domain of Vigilance: Nobody may hide from the Hashmallim. Illusion effects like a Wizard's Blur, or concealment like a Rogue's Shadow walk, any attempt to deceive or hide from the Ophanim is ignored. In addition, any attempts to deceive the Ophanim fail, even unwitting ones. Whenever someone speaks Untruth to the Ophanim, they instead hear the Truth, and know that a Lie was told. They do not recognise the difference between mistakes and malice. To an omniscient entity, there is none.
The Wings of the Ophanim (M)
2 attacks, can target different enemies with each or the same enemy with both.
+17 vs AC, 45 Holy Damage and the target is Vulnerable, Impossible Save Ends.
Expansive Vision: Vulnerabilities inflicted by an Ophanim stack.
A New Face: If a target on their turn repeats none of the actions they performed last turn, one stack of Vulnerable fades.
Impossible Save: The save difficulty of an Impossible Save starts at 21, and decreases by 1 for every additional condition currently on the target, including stacks of the same condition.
Fallling: If an Ophanim reduces the Crit Range of a target to 0 by stacking Vulnerability, the Ophanim falls, and the target Ascends to an Ishim.
Resist Holy 18+
Nastier Specials:
Stare into your Soul (R)
+17 vs MD, 80 Psychic Damage. If this attack crits, don't double the damage. Instead, remove 2 of the target's background points, and replace them with 1 point in the Background Omniscience.
Omniscience may be used in any skill check for perception or knowledge. It has no cap. If all of a target's background points are replaced with Omniscience, they ascend and become an Ophanim. 
AC: 22, PD: 26, MD: 28, HP: 360

Erelim (Choir of Courage)
These Angels are deployed where even the Truths of reality would be sundered. The Erelim fight in the Outer Planes, safeguarding the Gods and Creation from what lies beyond.
Triple Strength 11th Level Blocker, Abberation
Invocation of Courage: When triggered, status effects no longer function whilst there is a Staggered Erelim in battle.
Domain of Courage: Fear Auras have their HP thresholds halved when an Erelim is in their presence. In addition, the Erelim inspire their allies. giving them a reversed Fear Aura, an Inspiration Aura. Inspiration Auras cause allies within the HP thresholds to become Escalators if they weren't already, and gain a +4 bonus to attack.
Sundering Shield (M)
+16 vs the target's lowest defence.
vs AC, 140 Force Damage, and the target loses their next move action.
vs PD, 210 Holy Damage, and the target loses their next quick action.
vs MD, 70 Psychic Damage, and the target loses their next standard action
For every 70 damage dealt this way, the Erelim gains a +1 bonus to all defences until the start of its next turn.
Wings of the Erelim (R)
2 Nearby Enemies
+16 vs PD, 180 Holy Damage and the target is moved to Far Away distance.
Aegis of the Erelim: Whenever an enemy moves from Far Away to Nearby the Erelim, they are Shocked until the end of their turn. Whenever an enemy moves from Nearby to Engaged with the Erelim, they are Dazed until the end of their turn. These stack if a target moves from Far Away to Engaged.
Comet Interposition: Erelim may always intercept targets, even when  they are already engaged. They stay engaged with all enemies whilst doing so, and do not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Erelim Conscription: Whenever a creature dies near the Erelim, it is blessed. 13 Months after the battle concludes, they rise as Erelim.
Falling: Whenever an Erelim suffers from Fear, they instead Fall.
Resist Holy 18+
Nastier Specials:
Erelim Resistance 18+: Declare a damage type each time the Escalation Die increases that was used that round. Erelim now have resistance against that Damage Type at 18+ for the rest of the battle.
Defend the Holy: When the Escalation Die is even, and the Erelim is defending a holy place, they may make the Wings of Erelim attack without provoking Attacks of Opportunity
Instinctual Wings: The Erelim may make a Wings of the Erelim attack as an attack of opportunity when unengaged, whenever an enemy moves in their direction.
AC: 25, PD: 25, MD: 25, HP: 864

Hashmallim (Choir of Grace)
Seraphim (Choir of Justice)
Malakhim (Choir of Mercy)
Elohim (Choir of Victory)
Bene Elohim (Choir of Worship)
Cherubim (Choir of Contrition)
Ishim (Choir of Life)
Domains for Clerics/Paladins for each Choir
Sample Fallen Angels
More Lore

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