The Witch

Written by Saturnine.

A new Witch class for 13th Age. Uses concepts similar to the Demonologist (and to a lesser extend the Druid) to allow you to build out a Witch to your liking with a variety of Talents and Spell categories. 

 Update 11/10/22: A new version of the Witch has been released that includes a variety of balance tweaks, some new feats, and two new spells! A full list of changes can be found in the new version's change-log at the bottom, and all further updates will include the same. I am already beginning work on making a version of the class for 13th Age 2e, however since the rules are in flux still do not expect a release of that until things are more solid. I intend to keep updating the "1e" witch as well! Please let me know any feedback you have either here on the Vault, or you can find me on the 13th age discord as @saturnine.aberrance

Weather Witches, Hexers, and Potion Brewers all should be able to find abilities to their liking with this class - and you can mix and match as you like. 

Additionally, this class features a Jinx/Bane system. Some spells Jinx your opponent, which then allow you to use a stronger Bane spell on them on a following turn. Build up your power and focus the negative karma in your opponents to really take them down a notch, or give your allies an advantage on the battlefield. 


I know there's a couple other 13th Age Witch classes out there - but I've really wanted a Witch for a while that can manipulate the Weather and natural elements, and can also do interesting things (I hope!) with potions and poisons. It reached a breaking point when one of my players wanted to play as a Witch, but the existing offerings didn't meet their desires - so I went and finally made this! There's a ton of spells, and hopefully they work for you. I tried very hard to make them balanced, and I think I've done a decently good job, but if you find anything that stands out to you as too weak or too strong, let me know. Additionally, I wanted choosing Talents to a very difficult choice - so each one of them should be quite tempting; if one just completely falls flat to you, let me know and we can see what can be done to make it a more viable choice. On the flipside of course hopefully none of the talents are SO good that you can't see yourself picking anything else with any of them.

I hope you enjoy my interpretation of a Witch for 13th Age! I'll update this class as best I can as I get feedback and experience with the class in my own campaign.

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