Skin Scribe

Written by Angel.

This is a caster class, a more-or-less traditional glass cannon. Depending on spell selection they also make passable healers and buffers, or you can go for straight melt-your-face-off damage dealing. Although any race can use this class, it is built with my race the hollow eyes in mind.

This class is a good deal more extensive than any I've done before with a massive 32 spell list, in addition to the talents and features, so it may need tweaked. If anything, it's over-powered and needs balanced. At any rate, I would love feedback from anyone that decides to give it a shot!

By the way, all the art is my own original work.

Update: I added a PDF of the scribes' spells as cards, to make it a bit easier to reference their abilities during gameplay.

skin scribe 01

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