Bard spells, songs and battle cries

Written by Martin K.

Also see the collection of bard talents.

1st Level Battle Cries

Irritating Gesture

Flexible melee attack

Triggering Roll: Natural odd roll

Effect: The target takes a -2 penalty to its next attack roll.

Adventurer feat: A second enemy in the same group takes the penalty.

Champion feat: If the target is a mook, the entire group takes the penalty.

Epic feat: All nearby enemies take the penalty.

1st Level Songs

Ditty of the Bumbling Fools

Bardic song

Recharge 6+ after battle

Quick action each turn; 11+ to sustain; automatic sustain if a natural 1 was rolled during or after your last turn

Opening & Sustained Effect: If an ally rolls a natural 1, they gain temporary hit points equal to your Charisma + level. If an opponent rolls a natural 1, they take psychic damage equal to your Charisma + level.

Final Verse: Choose an enemy. That enemy must immediately make a save, or its next attack roll is a natural 1.

Champion feat: Double the temporary hit points and damage.

Epic feat: Triple it.

1st Level Spells


Close-quarters spell; Daily

Target: Yourself

Effect: Until the next quick rest, you speak the language of birds. You can imitate their songs and communicate with them, within the limits of a bird's intelligence and understanding of the world.

Adventurer feat: You can extend the effect to a nearby ally.

Cat's Grace

Close-quarters spell; Daily

Target: You or a nearby ally

Effect: Until the next quick rest, the target can roll twice on Dexterity-based skill checks and take the better result.

Adventurer feat: The target can also roll twice on disengage checks.

Champion feat: The target also gains a +1 bonus to AC and PD.

Epic feat: The target also gains a +1 bonus to dexterity-based attack rolls.

Symphony of Pain

Your target shrieks in pain and flails wildly at its enemies.

Ranged spell; Daily

Target: One nearby enemy

Attack: Charisma + Level vs. MD

Hit: 2d10 + Charisma psychic damage, 5 ongoing psychic damage and the target is weakened (-4 to attacks and defenses) and enraged (save ends all three).

Enraged: When the target hits with an attack, it deals extra damage equal to twice its level.

Miss: Damage equal to your level.

3rd level spell: 4d10 damage and 10 ongoing psychic damage.

5th level spell: 6d10 damage and 15 ongoing psychic damage.

7th level spell: 9d10 damage and 25 ongoing psychic damage.

9th level spell: 3d10 x 5 damage and 40 ongoing psychic damage

Adventurer feat: If the target is staggered, roll twice to attack and take the better result.

Champion feat: The spell is now Recharge 16+.

Epic feat: The save is now a hard save (16+).

3rd Level Battle Cries

Lockstep with the Music

Flexible melee attack

Triggering Roll: Natural even roll

Effect: Sustain a bard song as a free action, with an automatic success on the roll.

3rd Level Songs

Song of the Mockingbird

Bardic song

Recharge 11+ after battle

Quick action each turn; 6+ to sustain

Opening & Sustained Effect: All nearby enemies take a -2 penalty to their saving throws. Regardless of how many penalties you stack up, a natural 18+ on a saving throw is always a success.

Final Verse: Every enemy that failed at least one saving throw while the song was active takes 1d4 psychic damage multiplied by your level.

Champion feat: The saving throw penalty is equal to your Charisma modifier.

3rd Level Spells

5th Level Battle Cries

Hail the Thunder God

As you smash your weapon into the ground, roaring thunder rolls across the battlefield

Flexible melee attack

Triggering Roll: Any odd miss

Effect: Deal thunder damage equal to your level to all nearby enemies.

Epic feat: Also deal lightning damage equal to your level

5th Level Songs

Foe Down Hoedown

Bardic song; Interrupt action

Trigger: You or one ally has killed an enemy

Recharge 11+ after battle

Quick action to sustain each turn; 15+ to sustain; automatic sustain if the party killed an enemy since the last sustain roll

Opening & Sustained Effect: You and your nearby allies deal 1d6 extra psychic damage on a hit.

Final Verse: Increase the escalation die by 1.

7th level song: 2d6 extra psychic damage.

9th level song: 3d6 extra psychic damage.

Epic feat: If the escalation die is already at 6 on the final verse, each nearby ally can spend a recovery to heal as a free action.

9th Level Battle Cries

Swordplay Is a Complex Somatic Component

Flexible melee attack

Special: The escalation die must be 2+.

Triggering Roll: Natural even miss

Effect: Gain a standard action to cast a bard spell.

Epic feat: If you wield a magic weapon, gain its attack bonus to the spell's attack roll.



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