Rashel's Utility Spells

Written by Melody Haren Anderson.

These are extra spells my bard that is a magical genius made to replace current wizard utility spells, but I assume any spellcaster capable casting a utility spell can learn them.


Rashel’s Carnage Coverage prevents Rashel (and others at higher level) from being covered in filth and gore. Wonderful for both jaunts on the battlefield as well as in the sewers. Even your own blood won’t stick to or stain you! Lasts for one hour at level 1, 2 at level 3 and will also clean you when you cast it, can affect another target at level 5, lasts for a whole day and affects four people total including the caster at level 7, and can actually be used to banish filth entirely from the presence of up to 6 people as their touch sends it somewhere else at level 9.


Rashel’s Grand Entrance draws all eyes to Rashel for a time, using a mix of minor reality twisting, illusion, and subtle mental effects to make her the focus of all attention for good or ill. It lasts for 5 minutes at level 5, lasts for one hour at level 7 and you can shape the effects that draw attention (think of it as a sort of cantrip like side effect that is a quick action), and lasts for five hours at level 9. Of course, the caster can dispell the effect at any time, though the spell is completely gone then.


Rashel’s Steamy Curtain is a level 7 spell that is set up, and works off the deep intentions of Rashel (or anyone else who wishes to learn) and if she or her area is being scryed upon and she would rather not be seen... they get to see her... all of her. They get a all-access pass to the wonderful world that is watching Rashel’s sex life. All the greatest hits of the past! It is theorized that any sort of embarrassing, yet harmless activity can be shown, even if the caster doesn't mind others knowing. The spell guards for an hour at level 7 and a day at level 9, but only prevents the scrying of others while they are nearby the caster.

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