Cleric domains and talents

Written by Martin K.

All Core Book Cleric talents are in the form of domains. The following talents break with that scheme; they can be taken as a class talent instead of a domain. See further below for new domains.

Non-Domain Cleric Talents

Cloistered Cleric

Special: If you choose this talent, you take a -2 penalty to attacks when wearing light or heavy armor.

You gain a monastic background for free, at its highest bonus (+5). The name of the background should reflect your thorough religious and scholastic training. You also gain an additional Cleric spell at your class level.

Adventurer feat: Your daily cleric spells become Recharge 18+.

Champion feat: You gain a +1 bonus to MD.

Epic feat: Lower the recharge difficulty from 18+ to 16+.

Divine Cantrips

You can cast simple spells with small effects at-will, similar to a wizard. Each of these spells is a standard action ranged spell. You have access to Alarm, Arcane Mark, Light and Mending from the Wizard list, plus the cantrips below. You can switch in other cantrips from the Wizard list if they match your deity better.

Create Water

This minor creation spell creates a small amount of pure water, enough to fill a cup or flask. The water itself has no magical properties, but you could bless it in a ritual to create holy water.

Purify Food and Drink

You remove natural poisons and disease from one meal or one serving of drink. The spell can restore light rotting, but it can't make things edible that were never edible in the first place.

Fervent Prayer

Your faith teaches elaborate prayers that involve long, memorized phrases, a booming voice and fervent gestures. If you use your move and quick action in addition to your standard action to cast a daily or recharge cleric spell, you create a stronger version of a standard spell that has a small bonus effect as appropriate to the situation. Collaborate with the GM to work out the specifics of the effect.

Adventurer feat: In addition to the freeform effect, you also grant a nearby ally three temporary hit points per level.


Your beliefs are considered heresy by the orthodoxy of your belief, but this has only strengthened your convictions. You are well-versed in theological debate, which is represented in a 5 point background.

To represent how your spells diverge from doctrine, choose one way in which all of your cleric spells are different. Below are some examples:

  • All spells against MD target PD instead
  • All fire spells are cold spells
  • You use Constitution instead of Wisdom for all spells
  • All spells that target undead target demons and devils instead

Note that this should be a change that keeps the power level intact. Expect your GM to veto cheats like "All daily spells become at-will spells".

Adventurer feat: You gain resist divine magic 12+. The resistance includes attacks from divine creatures such as angels and avatars.

Champion feat: Add a special effect to your Heal spell class feature that matches the chosen divergence effect.

Epic feat: Increase the resistance to 18+.


Your faith does not worship one deity, but an entire pantheon, and as a priest you serve a group or even all of them. Through laying cards, the interpretation of animal entrails, or any other form of augury practised by your faith, you determine which of the deities is particularly favorable towards you on a given day.

Choose six domains which you have not chosen as a talent, and assign a number to each. During each full heal-up, roll a d6 to determine which one of these domains you have access to that day. In addition, treat a result of five or six as an icon relationship roll with one of your icons.

Adventurer feat: You gain the adventurer feat for the domain chosen that day.

Champion feat: You gain the champion feat for the domain chosen that day.

Epic feat: You gain the epic feat for the domain chosen that day.

True Faith

You follow the liturgy of your religion in its strictest, purest, original form. When interacting with other strict believers, all skill checks are one category easier for you. On the other hand, social interaction skill checks with more tolerant sects, heretics or even heathens are one difficulty step harder for you.

In addition, you gain one feat per level, which you can only use to improve your cleric spells. The feat is of the same type as the feat you gain with level advancement (adventurer / champion / epic).


You gain a +1 bonus to AC in heavy armor, and you do not suffer a penalty to attacks with heavy melee weapons.

If you have the Strength Domain, you gain a +1 bonus to your critical threat range with heavy melee weapons. If you are multiclassed, the cleric side counts as a trained weapon user and does not reduce your damage die.

Adventurer feat: Increase your base hit points to 8.

Champion feat: Increase your recovery dice you d10.

Epic feat: You gain an extra recovery.

New Cleric Domains

Domain: Abyss / Corruption

While staggered, you heal one hit point per level at the start of your turn. If you have an icon relationship with the Diabolist, heal an additional hit point per relationship point.

Adventurer feat: You gain an additional relationship point with the Diabolist, up to a maximum of three.

Invocation of the Abyss/Corruption: You or one ally rolls a d6 on the table for random demon abilities (Core Book p. 209) and gains the target ability until the end of battle.

Champion feat: Roll a d8 instead.

Epic feat: Both you and the ally gain an ability (roll separately).

Domain: Air / Wind

Once per battle, have the wind carry you a short distance as a move action. You can levitate to the roof of a building, or cushion a fall to land safely.

Champion feat: You can sustain the levitation as a standard action.

Epic feat: You can remain airborne and hover at the end of your move action.

Invocation of Air/Wind: You create a protective whirlwind around the party, including all enemies engaged to you or your allies. Creatures attempting to cross the whirlwind must succeed on a save, and are blown across the room on a failure. This deals damage at the DM's discretion. Ranged attacks across the Whirlwind always fail if the attack roll is odd, and on a natural 1, hit a random target. The Whirlwind persists until you dismiss it, or until the escalation die is 6+.

Adventurer feat: At the start of your turn, as a free action, you can set the save to cross the Whirlwind as easy, normal or hard.

Domain: Ancestors / Tradition

You gain Speak with Dead (13TW page 88) as a free bonus spell.

Invocation of Ancestors / Tradition: Choose one talent from any class (subject to your DM's approval), representing knowledge or skills of one of your ancestors. Ideally, this should be tied to a background or your One Unique Thing. This invocation grants you the chosen talent until the next short rest or the end of the next battle. Work out the talent when you create the character in cooperation with your DM. The talent remains the same, unless there is a compelling story reason to change it.

Domain: Animal / Beast

You can talk to animals, as lined out in the Druid's Nature Talking class feature.

Adventurer feat: You gain 3 points towards an animal-related background.

Invocation of Animal/Beast: Summon a Beast of your level or lower as per the Summoning rules on 13TW page 11. In accordance with these rules, this is a standard action, unlike other invocations. Use the animal's standard stats, but half its hit points. Ignore any nastier specials. For a level one Cleric, your options from Core Book p.206 f. are dire rat, giant scorpion and wolf.

You can use this invocation outside of battle to send the animal out for hunting, scouting or guard duties. It will remain until the next battle or the next short rest.

Domain: Chaos

You gain Chaos Blessing (13TW page 23) as a free bonus spell, which you can use once per battle as a standard action.

Adventurer feat: Switch out the Heal spell of your Cleric class feature for Warped Healing (13TW page 23).

Invocation of Chaos: Roll on the the High Weirdness table (13TW page 18). Like a Chaos Mage, you can spend a standard action to end the effect, otherwise it persists until the next short rest. In addition, whenever you cast a daily Cleric spell during this battle, roll a d6 on either the Attacking Warp or Defensive Warp (13TW page 20) tables, depending on whether you spell is an attack or not. If it fits the spell, you GM can also allow you to roll on the Iconic Warp table instead.

Domain: Darkness / Night

You can see even in total darkness. Roll twice on skill checks to notice approaching enemies and other dangers lurking in dimly lit areas.

Adventurer feat: At night or in darkness, increase the number of targets of your cast for broad effect spells by 1.

Champion feat: At night or in darkness, gain a +1 bonus to one defense of your choice.

Epic feat: When you cast a daily cleric spell at night or in darkness, that spell becomes Recharge 18+.

Invocation of Darkness: Create a zone of darkness around you that makes it hard to perceive your exact location. Attacks against you from enemies that are not engaged with you miss on a natural odd roll. Out of combat, this zone allows you to roll twice on skill check to hide in dimly lit areas.

Domain: Destruction

Reroll natural 1 on the damage rolls of your Cleric spells and take the second result.

Invocation of Destruction: This battle, all allies can reroll natural 1 and take the second result on all damage dice. You can expend this invocation outside of battle to summon a major force of destruction against a non-living structure, such as a lightning striking a building or even an earthquake shaking a town.

Adventurer feat: Against constructs, you and all allies gain a +2 bonus to the critical threat range.

Domain: Dragons

When you are in the presence of an allied dragon, you cast your daily and recharge cleric spells as a cleric 2 levels higher.

Invocation of Dragons: Grant a breath spell from the sorcerer list to yourself or an ally. If the spell is not cast in the same battle, it is lost. The spell is cast as a sorcerer of your level. You or the ally can use the highest ability score instead of Charisma for the spell.

Adventurer feat: You gain resist 14+ against the damage type of the chosen spell.

Champion feat: You gain resist 18+ instead.

Epic feat: You also gain the ability to fly until the end of the encounter.

Domain: Earth

You gain a +2 bonus to saves as long as you have both feet on solid ground, such as rocks in the mountains, the forest floor, cobblestone streets and underground tunnels. You lose the bonus on the upper floors of buildings, on ships and in mid-air, including on flying rocks.

Adventurer feat: Extend the bonus to disengage saves and death saves.

Invocation of Earth: Out of battle, you can prospect the nearby area and sense hidden treasures below the earth, such as gems or a natural well. Used during battle, you and all allies gain a +2 bonus to PD and saves, regardless of your location.

Epic feat: Gain the +2 bonus to AC as well.

Domain: Egoism / Betrayal

You can cast cleric spells on yourself even if they do not normally offer that option.

Adventurer feat: When you do so, you also grant yourself a +1 bonus to your next attack.

Invocation of Egoism / Betrayal: Pretend to switch sides during battle. If the opposing side has reason to believe that this is a ruse, make a Charisma-based skill check to keep up the charade. While you have switched sides, you can believably fake attacks and even spellcasting without dealing damage. You can choose to end the ruse with an attack against your new allies. If the attack hits, it deals 1d6 extra damage per level. Of course, your switching sides doesn't have to be fake...

Domain: Evil

You gain an evil minion. This minion uses the same rules as the Necromancer's Skeletal Minion (13 TW page 84), but you can flavor it as you like if skeletons aren't the character's thing.

Invocation of Evil: Put a curse on all enemies in the battle, making them vulnerable (save ends) to your attacks. The effect is stronger if you harm an innocent being to invoke this effect. (DM's discretion: this does not fit the theme in many campaigns)

Domain: Fire / Volcano

You gain Burning Hands as a bonus spell. You can switch this spell out for a different spell of your class level or lower, as long as that spell is from the Druid, Sorcerer or Wizard list and deals fire damage or provides fire resistance.

Adventurer feat: You can replace Intelligence or Charisma with Wisdom when casting the spell.

Invocation of Fire/Volcano: Until the end of the battle, all attacks by you and your allies that deal fire damage gain a +2 bonus to their critical threat range; the bonus applies even if only a part of the damage is fire. Out of battle, you can use this ability to bless a campfire. A blessed campfire will not be extinguished by natural forces, and it warns of approaching enemies by wild flares and loud cracking.

Adventurer feat: Choose one ally. Until the end of battle, that ally deals extra fire damage equal to your level with his attacks.

Domain: Good / Selflessness

Once per battle, when you cast a spell for broad effect, cast the spell as if it was two levels higher.

Champion feat: If the spell grants a bonus to attacks or defenses, increase the benefit by 1.

Invocation of Good / Selflessness: Choose yourself or an ally. Until the end of the battle, each enemy trying to attack the target must succeed at a saving throw or it is unable to attack. If the target makes an attack, the effect ends. Out of battle, you can expend this invocation to give the party a short rest without spending five minutes.

Adventurer feat: The save is a hard save (16+).

Domain: Heroism / Honor

When you are engaged with an enemy that is of your level or higher, and no other ally is engaged with it, reroll a natural 2 on attacks against that enemy.

Adventurer feat: When you gain the above bonus, also reroll natural 2 on damage dice.

Invocation of Heroism: This battle, you and each ally engaged with at least one enemy of their level or higher can reroll natural 2 on saves.

Domain: Luck / Fortune

The first time an enemy hits you with a natural odd roll during a battle, that attack is a miss.

Adventurer feat: Once per session, reroll an icon relationship roll and take the second result.

Invocation of Luck / Fortune: As a free action, reroll any one d20 and take the second result.

Domain: Madness / Nightmare

You are immune to the daze and confused condition.

Adventurer feat: When an enemy affects you with the daze or confused condition, you gain a +1 bonus to your next attack roll instead.

Champion feat: You gain the attack bonus until end of battle (but if you get affected several times, the bonuses do not stack).

Invocation of Madness / Nightmare: One nearby enemy must succeed at a save or be confused (save ends).

Epic feat: Increase the save difficulty to hard.

Domain: Magic / Wizardry

You gain the Wizard's Cantrip class feature.

Adventurer feat: You gain a +2 bonus to skill checks related to rituals.

Champion feat: Once per day, reroll a ritual skill check and take the second result.

Invocation of Magic / Wizardry: Cast a spell from the Wizard's utility spell list that is of your class level or lower. The action type to use this invocation is the action required to cast the spell (quick, standard etc.) You can choose any utility spell, you do not need to prepare it.

Domain: Mechanics / Artifice

You gain the Alarm, Knock and Mending cantrips from the Wizard list, which you cast at-will as a standard action. Unlike the Wizard versions, you manipulate or summon mechanical contraptions when casting these spells.

Adventurer feat: You gain access to all Wizard cantrips, all of which appear as effects of small mechanic devices.

Invocation of Mechanics / Artifice: This battle, all constructs allied with you are immune to critical hits. All enemy constructs become vulnerable to all attacks.

Champion feat: All enemy constructs, and all enemies wearing manufactured armor, take a -1 penalty to AC.

Domain: Music / Song

You gain the Bardic Songs class feature and you can learn bard spells of the bardic song type as cleric spells.

Adventurer feat: You gain 3 points towards a musical background to represent your bard training. In addition, you can switch one Cleric spell for a non-song bard spell if you like.

Champion feat: Increase the background to its full 5-point bonus, and you gain an additional spell slot two levels below your class level, which is exclusive for bard spells.

Invocation of Song: Regain one daily bardic song that you have already cast this day.

Epic feat: Regain two songs instead.

Domain: Pain / Suffering

While staggered, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls.

Invocation of Pain / Suffering: This battle, while staggered, you and all allies deal extra damage with attacks equal to your level.

Domain: Plant / Forest

You gain Barkskin (13TW page 55) as a free bonus spell. You can change this spell for any Druid spell from the Forest or Swamp terrain list, as long as that spell is of your class level or lower.

Invocation of Plant/Forest: The surrounding plants and wildlife lash at your enemies and hinder their movement. Until the end of this battle, you and your allies can disengage with easy saves (6+), while enemies require hard saves (16+). You can use this invocation in any terrain, but if you use it in a forest, jungle, or other area of abundant plant life, make a recharge roll (16+) after battle to regain it. Out of combat, you can invoke this ability on an area to cause a year of plant growth in one hour.

Adventurer feat: Enemies who fail disengage saves take damage equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Domain: Travel / Freedom

You gain a +5 bonus to saving throws against the stuck and hampered conditions.

Epic feat: You are outright immune to these conditions.

Invocation of Freedom/Travel: Out of combat, you can use this invocation to double the overland travel speed of your party for a an hour. During combat, it removes all conditions that hinder movement, such as stuck, hampered, grabbed and any penalty to disengage checks.

Domain: Void

The ability to completely empty your mind and open yourself to the unknown grants you a +1 bonus to MD.

Adventurer feat: You gain resist psychic 14+.

Invocation of the Void: During this battle, any enemy attack roll that is a natural 13 is a miss.

Champion feat: Any enemy who attempts to teleport or open a gate to another plane must roll a save. On a failure, the attempt fails and the target takes 1d6 negative energy damage per your level.

Epic feat: The save is a hard save.

Domain: Water / Ocean

You can roll twice on water-related skill checks, such as swimming and ship navigation.

Champion feat: Gain a +1 bonus to attacks while on a ship or under water.

Invocation of Water/Ocean: During a battle, invoke it to turn the tide. Each ally can rally as a quick action once, and everyone adds the escalation die to saving throws to rally more than once. Out of combat, you can use this invocation to allow your party to breathe water for an hour.

Domain: Winter / Ice

You gain Ray of Frost as a free bonus spell. You can switch this spell for a different spell of your level or lower, if that spell is a Druid, Sorcerer or Wizard spell and either does cold damage or provides cold resistance.

Invocation of Winter / Ice: This battle, all enemies take cold damage equal to your level at the start of a new round. This effect ends when you are staggered.


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Idea Credit: Domain: Pain - Acrozatarim

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