Paladin Epic Talents

Written by Martin K.

Adventurer Talents - Champion talents


Avatar Transformation

Special: You must be an 8th level Paladin to take this talent.

You can channel the might of your deity to take the form of its avatar. Choose one of the Avatar forms below.

You can transform once per day, as a quick action, and you retain the form until the end of the battle. While in avatar form, you gain the three powers listed in each entry. You unlock the first at 8th level, the second at 9th and the last at 10th level.

Note that you cannot use any of the abilities listed below while not in avatar form.

Angel of Wrath

You take the form of an angel with with wide-arching feathered wings.

(8) You can fly.

(9) Your melee attacks deal 20 extra fire damage.

Epic feat: Your melee attacks ignore any form of resistance or immunity.

(10) If you are reduced below zero hit points, your sword keeps on fighting for you, until you die or take a recovery. On your turn, it makes one melee basic attack, using your attack bonus and damage, that deals extra fire damage as above.

Blessed Martyr

In avatar form, you are bathed in an aura of pure white light.

(8) You gain the Cure Wounds spell at your class level.

Epic feat: If you cast the spell on an ally, you recharge it at the start of your next turn.

(9) You the Resurrection spell.

(10) If you are reduced below zero hit points, your spirit separates from your body. This allows you to cast Cure Wounds, but only on allies.

Eternal Guardian

In avatar form, you turn into a statue of a stone that is sacred to your faith, such as black granite or white marble.

(8) You gain resist all damage 16+. Choose one type of damage that surpasses the resistance. If the overriding damage type you choose is considered too exotic by your DM, it does double or triple damage to you.

Epic feat: Increase the resistance to 18+.

(9) You no longer bleed and become immune to ongoing damage.

(10) You ascend to become the protector of a holy site. Within the holy site and its immediate surroundings, you can transform into avatar form at at-will. As your avatar, you can enter a trance in which you cannot move and you are barely aware of your surroundings. In this trance, you no longer need to eat, breathe or sleep and you do not age.

Fallen Star

Your avatar form is bleak and colorless. It is as if your presence absorbs all colors, all joy and all energy from its surroundings, and nothing can escape this.

(8) Nearby enemies take a -2 penalty to attacks while you are conscious.

(9) Nearby enemies take a -2 penalty to saves, including checks to disengage while you are conscious.

Epic feat: Increase both penalties to -3.

(10) The first time you are reduced below zero hit points in a battle, you flood the area with a wave of doom and desperation. Deal 15 psychic damage to all nearby enemies and daze them until the end of your next turn.

Unleashed Fury

Your god is angry, and you channel his fury. In avatar form, your armor grows spikes, your sword turns into a barbed whip, and your face turns into a mask of burning hatred.

(8) If your melee attack is a natural 16+, it deals maximum damage.

(9) Deal 10 damage to enemies who hit you with an attack. This damage is fire, poison, psychic or unholy damage. Choose when you gain this ability.

(10) If you fail your first death save, an Epic Fire Elemental (13 True Ways p. 193) appears to defend your body. It remains until you take a recovery, until it is defeated, or until the end of battle.
(When you gain this ability, you can choose a different single-strength monster of up to 9th level that matches your faith. Make sure to have its stats at hand during play.)

Epic feat: If the elemental is still alive when you take a recovery, it remains in the battle.

Unshakable Giant

Your avatar form is a towering giant several times your size.

(8) Your melee weapon dice are increased to d12. On your first miss with a melee attack each turn, you deal half damage.

Epic feat: Deal half damage on any miss with a melee attack.

(9) As a move action, you can stomp the ground and deal 10 damage to all nearby enemies. You can use this ability for tactical modifications to the surrounding terrain, such as collapsing a bridge.

(10) You can choose to grow to truly enormous size if you spend two recoveries without gaining hit points during transformation. You are now large enough to stomp Axis and wrestle the Tarrasque. Against huge creatures, your melee attacks now use d20 damage dice. You are much too large to do anything resembling melee combat against creatures smaller than huge. It's more like smashing bugs, so treat your footsteps as area damage.

Eternal Smiting

A true legend never wavers.

If, at the start of your turn, the escalation die is even and you have no use of Smite Evil left, regain one use of the power.

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