Cleric Spell - Time of Need

Written by extrakun.

Time of Need (1st Level)
Close Quarter Spell
Once per battle
Target: 1 nearby ally
Quick Action to Cast

Effects: The Cleric anoints one of his allies with divine protection. During the Cleric’s turn, he can activate the blessing with a free action, allowing the ally to spend a recovery to heal himself. The blessing is then removed. This spell doesn’t benefit from any source of free recoveries – the ally must spend his own recovery. You may use this spell on yourself.
Adventurer Feat: Once per battle, the Cleric may expend a single usage of Heal to cast Time of Need instead.
Champion Feat: The healing effect now activates automatically when the ally is staggered
Epic Feat: If the ally is downed, the healing effect activates automatically, and the ally gains additional hit points equal to 1d10 x the Cleric’s Charisma modifier.

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